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Denver Solar Panels

Roof Mounts

Enhance your house aesthetics by installing Denver Solar Panels.

12kW AC Coupled Ground-Mount

Ground Mounts

Highly customizable systems tailored for those with the need of a bigger system. 

3kW Off-Grid Pole Mounts

Pole Mounts

Systems suitable for everyone, but especially those with high snow loads and uneven terrain.

Battery Based

Systems that will bring a level of independence and savings that solar alone cannot provide

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Solar Resources for Homeowners

Federal and State Incentives

Net Metering

Net metering policies allow distributed generation customers to sell excess electricity to a utility at a retail rate and receive credit on their utility bill. This credit offsets the customer’s electricity consumption during other times of the day or year, which reduces the amount of electricity the customer purchases from a utility. This policy applies for everyone in Colorado, regardless of the utility provider.

For those in Xcel Energy territory:

Xcel Energy, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and many Solar Advocates have approved to start in 2017 two (2) pilot programs based on time-of-use:

- A time-of-use rate trial that will charge customers more for the power they use during hours of peak demand, and a time-differentiated rate demand charge program that will base bills on customer’s monthly peak use of power.



Federal Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) got extended!

Legislation  was signed into law on December 18th, 2015. The bill extends the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credits for both residential and commercial projects through the end of 2019, and then drops the credit to 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021 before dropping permanently to 10% for commercial projects and 0% for residential projects.

Current Utility Incentives

Xcel Customers:

  • Xcel Energy offers both a Small and a Medium program. Incentives are paid to the owner of the solar system based on the amount of energy the solar system produces in cents per kilowatt hour (¢ per kWh).
    • For systems under 25kW: 0.005¢/kWh
    • For systems between 25kW - 500kW: 0.0475¢/kWh


The Solar Experience Roadmap

What to Expect

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