Got hailed? We know

Your partner when it comes to removing and replacing your solar system

Solar panels are normally rated to withstand 1" hail traveling at 50mph, but asphalt shingles are not

We understand

If you have recently been affected by a hail storm and your solar system needs to be removed and replaced so you can start re-roofing your home, we are here for you.

Golden Solar will guide you with your insurance claim, inspect your solar system current health and integrity and install back-up with a comprehensive labor warranty. Our NABCEP certified team understands solarĀ and all the challenges involved in removing and re-installing your system



We will partner with your insurance provider to deliver the right solar experience


Our team will perform an inspection of the entire system upon removal


Golden Solar will provide a plan to upgrade or replace any critical components


Golden Solar will come after the roofing contractor to install your system back with a comprehensive labor warranty