Started back in 2005, the popular Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) would have dropped from 26 percent to 22 percent this year, and then eliminated altogether. But Congress has just agreed to extend it for four more years on residential installations, and permanently on commercial installations. Used to offset the cost of installing solar electric systems on a home or business, the ITC allows property owners to install a renewable solar energy system on their

Can solar panels be recycled?

Posted by goldensolar on  September 2, 2020
Category: Solar Power
In recent years, the solar industry has not been a major contributor to landfills because of the long life expectancy of solar panels.  However, as solar continues to grow rapidly and systems reach the end of their useful life, recycling will become increasingly important in the coming decades.  In the future as much as 96% of materials used in module manufacturing will be able to be reused for new panels, including glass, plastic, silicon, aluminum
Sometimes advanced solar plus energy storage systems do not appear to be cost-efficient under traditional cost-benefit calculations. However, if costs incurred from future power outages are considered, this balance can change very quickly.  These costs could include the loss of essential services such as air conditioning and water pumps, medical equipment failure, liability incurred because of the lack of power or inability to keep critical businesses operating. Considering resilience in solar system design is particularly
One of the beauties of solar power is that, once installed, solar panels require little maintenance throughout their rated lifetime. The initial startup cost of installation can be a deterrent for many homeowners, but in reality, the monthly energy savings pay back the installation costs relatively quickly. With limited maintenance costs, solar panels really are strong long-term investments. Solar Panel Efficiency In general, photovoltaic (PV) systems come with a 20-year warranty and a guarantee that
Considering the cost of car ownership and depreciation and the ideal solar climate of Colorado, solar panels are likely to provide greater financial benefits. A small EV can lose about $7,500 a year in value, whereas the solar unit should last for 25 years or more, only losing a small amount of power each year. Sources:
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