Solar Panel Systems for Non-Profits in Denver, CO

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If you a non-profit organization in the Denver metro area, consider the possibility of solar energy and solar panel installation at your non-profit. There is an array of financing options for non-profit organizations that will benefit you and your Denver metro community. If you are considering non-profit solar installation, be sure to contact Golden Solar.

  • Increase community engagement and lower your energy bills with solar panel installation for your non-profit organization in the Denver metro area.
  • You will see immediate savings from day one when you decide to switch your non-profit organization to solar power.
  • You will be able to start a campaign in the Denver metro area today with no risk or upfront fees.
  • When you invest in solar energy, you will likely increase engagement with the Denver metro community, giving you a chance to be involved and increase your awareness.
  • Enhance visibility for the mission with positive environmental impact
  • Whatever your mission is, investing in a renewable energy resource will enhance your visibility for that mission with a positive environmental impact.
  • If you decide to fundraise in the form of a loan, this will not cannibalize other giving or fundraising problems.
  • Step 1: Golden Solar Quote

    Golden Solar will analyze and deliver proposal for a solar system that will supply the needs of the Non-Profit Organization’s (NPO) electric demands

  • Step 2: The NPO Tax Benefit

    Due to an innovative financing model, a portion of the tax benefits can be utilized, thereby reducing Golden Solar’s project cost by 10%

  • Step 3: Look for Financing

    There are many traditional ways non-profits have financed their projects in the past (bank loan, donation, NPO reserves, PACE), but the new innovative and more progressive option is a crowd-lending campaign.

  • Step 4: The Campaign

    A proprietary crowdlending campaign methodology and online platform is created to facilitate a loan from community members.

  • Step 5: The Pre-Funded PPA

    Loan is created to please community member’s desired return on their investment. Interest rates on the money is normally lower than a traditional bank loan due to the member’s ability to understand the risk behind it.

  • Step 6: The Installation

    Golden Solar starts the process of installing the solar system.

  • Step 7: The ROI

    Community members are repaid with annual principal and interest payments using the savings from the solar project

  • Step 8: The Solar Experience

    Community members get their return, Church owns the system, money is kept locally, savings are enjoyed for 25+ years.

After the completion of your commercial solar panel installation in the Denver metro area, scheduled inspections will ensure that your commercial solar installation is working properly and efficiently. Our expert technicians will ensure that your commercial solar panel installation in Denver and solar design is to the highest of standards. We promise to use only the highest quality solar panels, equipment and hardware.

In collaboration with our partner, Collective Sun, Golden Solar wants to see non-profit organizations in the Denver metro area given an opportunity to participate in forging a sustainable future by creating community through solar power and solar panel installation. If you have any questions about our non-profit solar energy options, give us a call today! We would love to hear from you.

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