Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Re-Installation

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Solar Panel Removal & Re-install in Denver, CO

Golden Solar expert engineers offer knowledgeable solar panel replacement for your commercial business in the Denver metro area. We will help transport your solar panel installation system or solar panel replacement where ever you go, if you end up relocating in the Denver metro area. Without any hassle to you, the Denver business owner, we are willing to re-install your solar panels and solar energy system at your new business location in the Denver metro area.

Solar Panel Replacement or Removal due to Weather Damage in Denver, CO

If you are a business owner in the Denver metro area, you know how unpredictable Colorado climate can be. Unfortunately, this means that there is a chance that you or your solar panels could be affected by heavy hail or a drastic storm. Golden Solar provides professional solar panel replacement for commercial businesses in Denver. Generally, solar panels can withstand about 1” of hail traveling at 50mph, however, asphalt shingles cannot handle that. Our expert engineers will assess the damage to the roof of your commercial business in the Denver metro area. After that, we will proceed with our Denver solar panel replacement service.

At Golden Solar, we provide guidance through your insurance claim. We provide inspections of your solar panel installation’s health and integrity. Our NABCEP certified team at Golden Solar understands Denver solar panel systems and all the challenges that come along with removing or re-installation. Through our comprehensive labor warranty, we will provide you with the installation of a back-up solar energy system at your commercial business in the Denver metro area.

  • Insurance

    We will partner with your Denver metro area insurance provider to deliver the right solar experience.

  • Inspection

    Our team of experienced engineers will perform a quality inspection of the entire solar panel system upon removal at your home in the Denver metro area.

  • Intervention

    Golden Solar will provide a plan to upgrade or replace any critical components of your solar panel system at your home in the Denver metro area.

  • Installation

    The professionals at Golden Solar will come after the roofing contractors have done their job. We will install your solar panel system back with a comprehensive labor warranty in the Denver metro area, through our solar panel replacement services.

Get in Contact!

Whether your Denver business is planning a move, or your business’ solar panels have been affected by Colorado’s unpredictable weather, the expert engineers at Golden Solar are happy and willing to remove or replace your solar energy system at your commercial business in the Denver metro area. If you would like to know more about our Denver removal or solar panel replacement services, give us a call today! We would love to hear from you!

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