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At Golden Solar, we provide exceptional solar power systems for your home in Denver. We are dedicated to providing quality service to all our clients. No matter the size or scale of a job, the expert residential solar panel installers at Golden Solar in Denver can handle it. Solar panels for your home in Denver is a great idea considering all the benefits. When installing a solar panel system, not only will you be benefitting the environment, but the costs of your energy bills will significantly decrease.

Design & Installation 

The technicians at Golden Solar provide exceptional solar power system installation all over the Denver metro area. We will design and install your Denver residential solar panels. We know that each of our customers has a unique situation, and we will tend to those thoroughly without any hassle to you. Working with you closely, we intend to leave you satisfied with the new solar panels for your home in Denver.

Removal & Replacement

If any damage has been done to your Denver residential solar panels, it is likely that will need to either be removed or replaced. Because the glass on solar panels is somewhat fragile, a harsh storm, or debris from trees may cause damage that will result in the need of the removal or replacement of the current solar panels at your home in Denver

Service & Repair

The professional experts at Golden Solar will provide your business in the Denver metro area with exception repair services if any harm were to come to your Denver commercial solar panels.

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    Maintenance & Monitoring 

    The professional technicians at Golden Solar provide exceptional maintenance for your solar energy system at your home in Denver. We will also provide monitoring services that ensure that your Denver residential solar panels are running smoothly and correctly.

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    Battery Storage

    Battery storage is a solid investment when considering solar panels for your home in Denver. Battery storage provides back-up power when the grid is down. The battery storage unit stores power during evening hours to offset usage. We only use the best quality and leading brands in battery storage units.

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    We offer excellent financing options to residents in the Denver metro area and their solar energy system. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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    If you are considering home solar energy in Denver, know that you would be in good hands with the expert technicians at Golden Solar. If you would like to know more about the residential solar panel services that we provide in the Denver metro area, give us a call today!

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