Solar Microgrids for Businesses in Denver, CO

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Microgrid installation for your Denver commercial building is a fantastic alternate energy solution for Colorado businesses.

A microgrid a localized group of electricity sources and loads that normally operated alongside the electrical grid. The advantage of microgrids is that they function on or off the grid. Normal panels are always connected to the grid, but microgrids are controlled by you! A microgrid at your home or business in Denver, will save you money and benefit the environment.

Microgrids also provide a perfect fix for providing power in case of a power emergency. With Colorado’s random weather patterns, you never know when it will benefit you to have a back-up power system at your home or business in the Denver metro area. Keep your business open and running at all times! Microgrids can save a life, time, and money if for any reason your power goes out.

Standard microgrid can range from 1 KW to several megawatts, depending on the size of your residential home or commercial business in the Denver metro area. All PV Panels are connected in a specific order of parallels and series combinations to maximize either layout for the energy consumption of your commercial business in the Denver metro area. The electricity generated from the array of panels is transmitted to a central controller called the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU), which is a large power inverter. The PCU is connected to the Distribution Box (DB) on one hand and the battery bank on the other.

Denver businesses find the most advantage out of microgrids because during the day, power generated is not used or surplus power is generated, the PCU stores this in the battery storage unit, which stores the unused solar power. This unused solar power can then be used at night or whenever the sun isn’t shining bright on your solar panels in Denver. You’ll be able to monitor your exact storage at all times on a computer. This information can be accessed from a remote location, eliminating the need for local manpower to monitor the system.

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Microgrids are an extremely essential part of any solar energy system. With Golden Solar, we guarantee that you will be happily satisfied with the way that you monitor and manage the solar energy at your commercial business in the Denver metro area. Give us a call today!

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