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Most people are well aware of importance home backup generators and battery in case of problems like power outages. Which one to buy? Should solar panels be considered when picking one? – are the two questions that pops up in a homeowner’s mind. So, to help you make the right decision some questions have been answered for you better understanding.

What is the amount of electricity that an average American home use?

It was discovered with the help U.S. Energy Information Administration that the average electricity consumption annually for an American home was 10,908 kWh (kilowatt hours) in the year 2013. So, every day an American home uses about 30 kilowatt hours.

Due to rough weather, storms and, of course, old electrical grid, we face power outages a lot. So, what will be the right backup power to invest for this situation?

Home back generator is a very dependable power source for power outages. Also, the generator connected to a home’s gas line directly will supply constantly and will operate in long outages. If you are worrying about no supply of natural gas when there is an outage then you should know that generators with dedicated LP tank can also be fueled. Solar panels are very helpful in such a situation as with adequate sunlight a home backup power source can provide enough power.

Does generator and battery provide the same backup power?

No, the backup power support is different in case battery and generator. It is true that both of them can supply power but different appliances require different amount of power for a proper performance. Generator can supply power to every selected circuit at the same time with what they need. But, home batteries are not known for supplying full wattage that every appliances need.

Why most people invest in home backup generators?

There are lots of high-load appliances like air conditioner, running hot water and others that need a high capacity to start and perform and they also consume a lot of power thus they drain batteries quickly.

What are the ways to live “off-grid”?

There are many ways by which a person can enjoy all the appliances without the help of power grid. Solar panels are a great way to go “off-grid” only if a battery can get enough sunlight without any interruption.

Is it possible to ditch the power grid?

Backup generators and batteries for home can help n supplying power during an outage but they do not have the capacity to supply power all the time. So, it is impossible to go completely “off-grid”.

Is the use of home backup generator and battery limited in some places?

A home backup generator happens to work perfectly in any weather condition and in any place or region. Similarly solar panels powered batteries can also work in any place as long the adequate sunlight is received.

Is a generator able to produce good power output?

Many popular generators are known for producing about 22kW and can even help appliances like electric heater and kitchen appliances to run smoothly.

Is a battery able to produce good power output?

Batteries powered by solar panels can produce power about 2kW (average). Now, you have all the answers. So, all that is left to do is select the right home backup power source for you.
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