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The June 2014 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) report, which assess the impact of the Federal Power Act, indicates that natural gas is still leading the nation in installation capacity for the year overall. However, those numbers only record utility installations and do not account for residential rooftop and commercial installations of solar electric panels. Many industry professionals suggest that if that data was available, solar energy would be leading the the U.S. in installations. The Solar Industries Association (SEIA) states that over 44 percent of solar energy units that were installed over the first quarter of the year were non-utility, which is a significant chunk of the industry. According to The Eco Report, if those numbers kept up through the end of June, solar would certainly be the leader in energy sources across the nation. President and CEO of the SEIA, Rhone Resch, said in a press release that solar has already and will continue to be a huge booster for the national economy. “Solar is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy today – and, as this report bears out, it will continue to be for years and years to come,” said Resch. “The continued, rapid deployment of solar nationwide will create thousands of new American jobs, pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the U.S. economy and help to significantly reduce pollution.” With the country  trending toward solar power, many Coloradoans have begun looking into ways of making their homes solar-friendly. This conversion saves homeowners on utility costs by creating a more energy-efficient living space. If you are interested in learning more about your solar options, contact Golden Solar today for a free at-home consultation.
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