Ambitious proposal calls for converting roadways into solar panels

We may not see this for a few years, but it’s certainly an interesting concept to think about: A new company is looking into the feasibility of converting roadway surfaces into solar modules. Using specially designed glass solar cells that are strong enough to be walked and driven on, the firm, called Solar Roadways, has launched a crowd-sourced funding campaign and hopes to begin large-scale manufacture of their panels. The solar cells, which feature a hexagonal shape, could be laid on just about any surface that receives sunlight. In addition to streets, they could be placed in parking lots, bike paths, promenades, sidewalks and any type of pavement. Solar Roadways estimates that there are 31,000 square miles of usable surface area where their panels could be installed, and if that entire area were utilized, it would generate three times as much electricity as the country uses in a year. In addition to providing energy, the company’s panels present a number of other benefits. They’re considered more durable than conventional pavement, so they wouldn’t lead to potholes and other problems that endanger tires and public safety. They’re also equipped with LED lights that can be illuminated at night to mark lanes and provide safer driving. Solar Roadways’ fundraising campaign on IndieGogo has already met its $1 million goal, so hopefully we’ll see their products put into use within the next few years. In the meantime, if you’re looking to convert your own home to Colorado solar energy and you’re wondering whether this is economically feasible, we invite you to contact Golden Solar today! We can provide you with an on-site consultation and tell you more about the incredible savings that this technology offers homeowners.

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