Home builders aim to incorporate energy-efficiency across the nation

energy efficient homeAll over the country, cities and towns are looking for ways to increase their overall energy efficiency. One major way that many municipalities have found is to update their building codes to increase the standards for new constructs and renovations. In Vancouver, BC, some of these codes made it so difficult to renovate existing homes that some builders have been priced out of contracts. However, most American communities have been able to incorporate these updated mandates so that homes are remodeled with both historical accuracy and energy efficiency in mind. In Wisconsin, both homeowners and builders have been working together to develop plans that would maintain the integrity of their property while also taking advantage of the innovations and technologies that would make their homes increasingly efficient. In Kiel, WI, one home has been remodeled to include geothermal technology, which utilizes temperatures from below the earth’s surface to generate heating and cooling. What is nice about the integration of this technology is that it can be used simultaneously without disrupting other structural and cosmetic improvements. Additionally, in a number of major markets, including Chicago, Illinois, rehabilitated homes are now receiving solar energy to help new owners combat high electricity and utility costs. One of the leading developers in this area in Chicago is MarLar Properties, a husband and wife duo who buy, renovate and sell eco-friendly properties with the hope of building a better tomorrow. Larry Spatz, co-owner of the company, tells Proud Green Home, “I am a very small fish trying to make a ripple. It’s about preserving the planet for my grandchildren and their children.” Isn’t that what any of us are trying to do? With the integration of energy-efficient technologies like solar electric panels, we hope that we can create a better environment for generations to come. If you want to become a part of the green revolution, contact Golden Solar today.

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