Industry leaders help catalyze shift to solar power

solar powerWith pressure from government entities, many companies are searching for ways to become leaders on the frontier of sustainability. From technology to home furnishing companies, many industry leaders have announced plans to include solar power in the near future. In late April of this year, Google announced via press release that it was partnering with SunPower Corporation to help eco-conscious homeowners finance the lease of solar panels for use on their own homes. This partnership would be the 16th renewable energy investment, according to the release. But Google is not alone. On Friday, May 30th, Ikea announced its plan to install a solar array on their Kansas City-area store that will open this fall. According to the press release from Ikea this build will be the largest solar installment in Kansas. “The 92,000-square-foot solar array will consist of a 869.25-kW system, built with 2,850 panels, and will produce approximately 1,348,000 kWh of electricity annually for the store, the equivalent to reducing 930 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2),” the statement said. This, according to Ikea’s website, is all part of a plan to produce as much renewable energy as the company consumes by 2020. The involvement of big businesses like Ikea and Google show just how powerful solar energy is going to be in years to come. Be a part of the movement by making your home sustainable through the use of Colorado solar energy. Contact Golden Solar today! We will do a free on-site consult, and help you plan, design and install your solar paneling.

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