A Quick Guide To Going Solar

There are approximately 700,000 homeowners in the US who have invested in solar energy. The use of solar energy is ever-growing due to it being sustainable and very affordable. Solar panels are easy to install, require little maintenance and are environmental friendly. The improvement in solar panel technology has increased efficiency and lowered the costs for many households. renewable solar energy Solar energy is seen as a great alternative source of energy for many households. This has led to many to encourage homeowners to install solar panels.However, how the solar panel works is not known by many homeowners. The solar panel works by allowing particles of light to hit electrons and produce a flow of electricity. The main part of the solar panel is the inverter.The inverter then converts the electricity that is produced from Direct Current to Alternating Current. The inverter is very important since it connects the solar panel to the electrical system in your home. The inverter prevents you from using the electricity from the grid unless there is a high demand. You can also channel the excess power that is produced by you solar panel back to the grid. The photovoltaic solar cells were first produced in the late 1950s. Since then, there have been technological improvements in the performance and quality of these solar cells. These advancements have made solar lighting very efficient and appealing to many households.Professional solar panel installers will help you in mounting the solar panel where it can get the most access to direct sunlight. The solar panel can either be placed on your roof or directly on the ground.Experienced installers can install the solar panels in a few hours making it very affordable. However, you must not let just any installer handle the job. Solar panel installation is a big investment, and you must receive and compare bids from different solar companies. You must also be aware of the climate in your region and the slope of your roof.These will help you know the size of the solar panel needed and how much power it will produce. You can either buy a solar panel, lease it from a solar company or enter a Power Purchase Agreement with the solar company.Purchasing a solar panel may seem like an expensive investment but is the most advisable option. Those purchasing the solar panel can get as much as 30% credit from the federal government. The solar panels can also last for more than 30 years including a warranty of up to 25 years.During leasing, monthly installments are paid but the company still owns the solar panel. Many nonprofit marketing guides recommend the Power Purchase Agreement. In the PPA, no installation fees are paid, and you only receive an electricity bill at the end of the month. Remember, you don’t pay for sunlight. Sunlight is totally free. For more information on going solar, please contact the experts at Golden Solar.

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