Solar Power is Making Our World Better

benefits of solar powerWith the detrimental effects of fossil fuels becoming increasingly apparent, many private citizens and companies alike have begun to explore the world of alternative energy.  There are many different methods of generating electricity that do not produce the damaging emissions that are known to contribute to climate change.  Wind power is one, but it necessitates a lot of money and resources for it to be viable.  Solar power, though, has as much to offer, but can be implemented even on a small scale.  Whether you own a home or a building, solar panels can be a way to generate electricity, without having to rely as much on fossil fuels.  A solar power system is not terribly costly to implement, and it can be both financially advantageous and beneficial to the environment.  The biggest impediment is simply overcoming the logistical limitations. The first of these logistical issues is how to go about accumulating and storing the electrical energy, so it can be utilized.  Obviously, you need to install the solar panels themselves, but they are only one of several components of a solar panel system.  The panels can be set up, atop your roof or in any nearby open space that comprises part of your property.  Needless to say, they need to be located somewhere that receives large amounts of sunlight, so avoiding areas that are typically covered by shade is paramount.  Furthermore, in addition to collecting the solar energy, a solar power system needs to be able to move it and store it, which requires powerful batteries, capable of storing the electricity for extended periods of time.  After all, sunlight is not always present.  Your solar power installation will not be complete, until each of these components are in their proper place. In addition to the logistics of actually accumulating and storing solar energy, there is the dilemma of how to go about rewarding people for using solar energy.  It is the feeling of many progressives that solar energy should be encouraged, by way of subsidization.  On the state, federal and even local level, this has begun to happen, though many feel that more needs to be done.  One way in which solar power is being subsidized is through the use of tax credits.  Businesses and individuals that do adopt solar power systems can receive generous tax write-offs, for their participation in eco-friendly energy solutions.  Not only that, there are even programs to subsidize the solar power installation process, which is the most costly aspect of implementing solar power.  These policies are necessary, in order to help reduce our total emissions, and without them we will simply leave all the power in the hands of the oil and gas companies.  This is another benefit of realigning our governmental policies to favor renewable energy.  It reduces the stranglehold that the big oil, coal, and gas companies have on local, state and federal politics.

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