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Installation Address

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Most homes we see are within the 2,000 - 4,000 sq.ft
Typical home will need between 5 - 10 kW to offset 100% of their electric usage*
Adding Powerwalls will allow you Solar Roof to operate while the grid is down. Two (2) or more Powerwalls is advised to start any 240V motor load while grid is down (i.e. AC unit, well pump, etc). Each Powerwall has a 13.5kWh capacity.

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This price is before any federal incentives (i.e. 30% ITC) or local utility rebates/incentives. Furthermore, this price include PV tiles, non-PV tiles, above-the-deck labor and below the deck labor.

Every battery storage product is eligible for the full 30% tax credit when paired with solar roof. Due to economies of scale, if choosing more than (1) Powerwall unit, you most likely find savings on the above price.

Before incentives

This is an estimated amount based on the solar portion of the solar roof. It also includes the Powerwalls. [Note: we have seen different tax advisors claim different investment amounts. Please consult yours]

After incentives

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Almost there. Once we gather your contact info, our design team will be in contact to follow up on next steps. [Note: this is an estimated price and will change once our designers go deep into the nuances of the project]

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