Xcel Energy challenges net metering with rooftop solar

The end of July in Colorado was rife with news and meetings regarding the future of the state’s rooftop solar industry. Utility company Xcel Energy has issued a challenge to the state’s key financial incentive when it comes to rooftop solar installations. The idea of net metering on homes that install solar paneling is an important part of the state’s initiative to get residents to invest in solar power. Net metering allocates a credit for every kilowatt-hour that is generated by the solar array connected to the grid for the same price that residential customers are charged for regular electricity. For the area, this price is generally around 10.5 cents per kilowatt hour. As a result of this contest, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission heard the claims by the Xcel executives as well as representatives from the solar industry on Thursday, July 24th. This initial meeting is part of a three-part workshop series that will act as fact-gathering sessions for how to proceed. Xcel argues that the expense that net metering creates ends up costing their customers who may not subscribe to a solar program more in the long run. According the Denver Post, “Xcel calculates that the added power and avoided costs, such as needing less fuel, amounts to only 4.6 cents. The remaining 6 cents is picked up by Xcel’s other customers, the utility said.” The fact is that the cost that accompanies solar electric panels is insignificant when you factor the savings that homeowners experience as a result of their alternative energy generation. If you are interested in becoming a part of the green revolution, contact Golden Solar today.

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