10 Creative Solar Energy Applications

solar roof panelsWhen most people think about solar power system, they often think about solar panel and solar panel installation. What they do not realize is that there is much more to solar energy than just the panels on the roof. There are several creative applications that can be used to harness power from the sun.

Solar Power Cell Phone Chargers

These chargers are excellent for anyone whose phone often dies when they are not at home or in their vehicle. There are a few types of solar power phone charges. Some need to have the cells embedded in the phone, some are sold as a charging device, and some are a cell phone cover with solar cells. It usually takes 2 hours of sunlight to get 30 minutes of talk time.

Solar Power Backpack

You can purchase a backpack that is covered in solar cells, that will charge all of your electronics inside. It is a great way to charge a phone, GPS, MP3 player, and laptops.

Solar Powered Attic Fans

Keep the space between the attic and the roof dry with a solar attic fan, without costing additional money on energy charges.

Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system will give you free hot water using the sun. With solar a solar hot water system, you can save greatly on your energy bills.

Solar Fabric

Solar fabric is made when solar cells are woven into textile fibers. One product where this works great is a solar tent. When inside, you can charge all of your electronics using the solar energy. Solar Paint Solar paint can be used on siding, roofing materials, windows, and other building materials. It is a great way to generate energy from the sun. When used around the home, this paint can on energy costs. Solar Cookers If you like camping or off-grid living, solar cookers are great for you. You don’t need electricity to use the cooker, and if used in the home, the heat won’t overheat the home the way that a traditional oven will. Solar Lawn Mover This is a great way to cut the lawn, without needing to use gasoline or electricity. When the embedded solar panels are left in the sun for a few hours, the panels generate  enough solar energy to cut the grass all afternoon. Solar Street Lights and Traffic Lights Many cities and towns use these already. A solar panel is placed beside the sign, giving it the power it needs to run, without spending the taxpayers money. Solar Power Generator These are great for anyone struggling when the power is out. Because they run off the power of the sun and not gasoline, you don’t need to drive around to find a gas station that has power. With all of the strives that we are making when it comes to solar power, it is only a matter of time before everyone will be using the sun to generate clean energy for all of their electricity needs.

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