5 benefits of implementing solar power

On this blog we talk a lot about the advancements and developments of solar energy and how municipalities across the country are putting this technology to use. With structural, installation and integration innovations happening everyday, now is the best time to implement solar power into your residential or commercial residence. But even with all of these upgrades and updates, many people don’t know why solar energy is important, or how it stands to become increasingly beneficial in years to come. So today, we thought it would be a great idea to go over the top five benefits that solar power has to offer for the nation, the economy and our everyday lives.
  • Green and Clean – For the eco-conscious, solar energy is ideal. Solar power is renewable, sustainable and affordable. Taking up only a small amount of space – on the ground or on the roof of your establishment – the only part of solar technology that eats up raw materials is the creation of the panel itself. This means that the environmental impact of using solar is minimal. Additionally, this form of energy does not produce the carbon, methane or other harmful emissions that fossil fuels do.
  • Financially-Savvy – ‘Save some green’ might as well be the motto of the solar industry. With the environmental benefits paired with the cost-saving effect of implementing solar power, users do their part to save both the environment and some cash. Many state and federal agencies offer financial incentive programs to aid solar consumers to purchase paneling. Some districts extend these offers to businesses as well.
  • Plenty of Jobs – Because this technology is ever-evolving, jobs sprout up in the solar industry all the time. According to The Energy Collective, “The solar power industry’s “innovation engine” has resulted in the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in the last decade alone […] After all, solar panel production is just a small facet of an overall industry that demands contributions from installation technicians, salespeople, battery-storage designers and other key players.”
  • Political Incentive– The more that we rely on solar energy, the less the United States would have to count on historically unstable countries for provision of fossil fuels. This would enable our country to become a leading global force in the implementation and advancement of clean and renewable energy.
  • Utility Independence – Historically, consumers have had to rely entirely on their town or city’s public utilities for the dissemination of power, but with the growth and expansion of solar technology, that relationship shifts. Because consumers are less reliant on their public works, they are able to gain some independence. In some cases, an individual’s solar paneling will produce more energy than the establishment it is attached to can use, which allows them to sell it back to their public utility company and run their meters backwards. For these solar users, their savings are even greater as they are effectively making money off their panels.
Solar energy is always growing and evolving. Today, there are so many ways that you can make your residence more efficient, but potentially one of the most beneficial is to install solar electric panels into the infrastructure of your home or business. It will save on energy costs, reduce your environmental footprint and help contribute to job growth on a national scale. If you are interested in learning more about solar energy in Colorado or solar leases, contact Golden Solar today. Our trained staff of engineers can provide a free on-site consultation, following which, they will help you design and implement your own panels!

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