How solar panel installation works

Escalating costs of oil and natural gas make developing energy efficiency at a national level relatively difficult. In many homes, people are electing to install exterior solar displays as a way to counterbalance their energy costs. With solar energy, homeowners use less unsustainable resources and lower their carbon footprint. It is important to understand that how solar panels work is directly related to the effectiveness of their installation. First thing’s first, if you are electing to install solar electric panels into the infrastructure of your home, it is best to have a professional handle the installation. This way, you know that it is done right and efficiently the first time. But if you are curious about the process that these professionals go through, rest assured that the installation process for solar paneling is interesting, and relatively straightforward in terms of the step-by-step procedure.
  • Base– Ground installation requires a sturdy base that will support the display year round. Professionals start by burying the conduit from the home or residence that will receive the energy. Then, a base is built using cement pillars and lumber that support the panels. If you are opting for roof mounts, How Stuff Works says “Pick out a spot for your solar panel on either the west or east side of the roof, wherever it will receive the most sun.”
  • Mount– The next step is putting the paneling in place. Once the platform is created and up to industry standards, the panels themselves are secured to the mount.
  • Slope – In order to reduce the impact of inclement weather, most panels are installed at an angle so as to create run-off. In order to accomplish this, the rear legs of the unit must be installed at a different height from the front base. This angle will be determined by the local meteorological data.
  • Wiring – The wiring of the panel to the meters and units in your home is a job best left to the professionals. Their training ensures that it is done according to town and city ordinances, and that all the power generated by your display goes to powering your property. It is important that these wires are grounded, run and incorporated into your home properly and safely. This is the final step in the process, following which, your panels should begin generating energy when these wires are officially hooked up.
While the process itself is simple, each step is tedious and requires training and knowledge to accomplish. For more information on solar paneling, technological updates or installation processes, contact Golden Solar. Our trained staff of experts will be able to help you understand the process, design and install your very own solar display. This home upgrade will help you cut back on energy costs and increase your home’s value.


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