Solar carports market on the rise

With the widespread growth of the solar industry, many smaller niche markets have sprung up as major players within the renewable energy field. One such area is the expansion of solar carports, which has grown substantially over the past few years. According to GreenTech Media, the generating capacity of solar electric panels installed into these structures will exceed 100 megawatts for the fourth year in a row. In a report conducted by GTM Research entitled “The U.S. Solar Carport Market 2014-2018: Landscape, Outlook and Leading Companies,” it was projected that over 180 megawatts of energy would be added to solar carports this year in the U.S. alone. “The U.S. solar carport market has historically been driven by solar incentives dedicated to government and educational entities coupled with physical and regulatory limitations for rooftop systems for these customers,” writes Scott Moskowitz​, the report’s author. “With the average system price of solar carports continuing to fall, commercial solar developers can offer increased value to customers in the form of larger project sizes and greater electricity savings.” California currently remains the market leader, responsible for over half of the nation’s total solar carport installations. However, by 2016, GTM Research predicts that the market value of solar carports in the country will reach approximately $843 million. With so much potential for growth and development in such a niche market, more home and business owners are looking to become involved in the carport arena. At Golden Solar, we offer a variety of arrays in this market and can offer sage advice for creating your own solar-powered carport at your house or business. For more information on solar panel installations, contact us today.

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