More of Colorado adapts to solar environment

Colorado has long been a leader in the solar power industry, pioneering endeavors like rooftop and community solar programs. In recent news from the area, Adams County in Colorado announced this week that they have signed a deal that will create a governmental reliance on community-generated solar power. The deal allows all of the government buildings in Adams County to be powered by energy generated by the local Community Solar Garden program. This plan allows consumers to purchase energy from pre-installed solar electric panels that are located somewhere in the community. The power that customers purchase is fed from the array into the main power grid and grants individuals credit on their bills for the amount allocated by their shares. This program, initially established in late 2010, was the inspiration for endeavors that are now found around the country. “Adams County has made an important first step in moving to cleaner energy,” said Nick Kittle, Adams County’s performance, innovation and sustainability manager, in an official statement. “We believe that this project is a winning opportunity for our organization, our community and our citizens and we are excited to be the first county in the nation to be a partner in a community solar garden.” While community solar is growing in popularity across the nation, rooftop installations are also highly desirable because of their customizability and cost-effectiveness. Colorado homeowners interested in their own rooftop installations for home solar power systems are encouraged to contact Golden Solar. Our staff of trained professionals will provide a free on-site consultation install the units for you. For more information, visit us online or schedule an appointment today!

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