Colored Glass Poised to Bring Solar Power to More People

There are very few objections to solar power, and yet it still hasn’t been as universally adopted as we might like to see. There are practical and aesthetic concerns of course, but some of it does seem to be rooted in people’s resistance to change. While many property owners are interested in investing in solar panels, many are hesitant as they believe solar panels are an eyesore.  Thankfully, many solar panel manufacturers are working around the clock to create solar panels that are  not only energy efficient but aesthetically pleasing as well.  A great deal of effort is striving to make these panels look sharp, modern and able to fit with any home decor.

The purpose of solar power

The purpose of solar power is to let the sun do all of the work. No more mining for fuel, no more wiring fiascoes: just natural light powering everything we own. It sounds fantastic, but humans are still new to this process. Companies are trying out different ventures to see what their niche is in the market, and who they can work with to achieve success. For example, Emirates Insolaire in Dubai has partnered with SwissINSO SA in Switzerland to develop colored glass which can fit onto most solar panels. The colored glass has already been installed onto the facade of a building in Switzerland, and is estimated to be able to meet the needs for 2 families for a year. These types of efforts are still in their infancy, but can translate into real change. At Eindhaven University in the Netherlands, you can find colored glass lining a highway, which looks beautiful and promotes renewable energy to everyone who passes by. It also serves as an excellent sound barrier, and the glass can be used at a variety of different points in any city from bus stops to outdoor furniture. While colored glass currently won’t generate as much electricity as traditional panels, it is both cheaper and nicer looking than the regular black panels. Solar power is a beautiful thing, but if people perceive the actual means to get it as ‘ugly’ then the world may never even see the benefits. There are clear trends in solar power, and it seems poised to make the breakthrough that will get everyone (and we mean everyone) to start seeing solar power as the only way to go. The energy collection methods, price and installation process continues to improve in both big and small ways every single day. Sometimes it just takes a small shift it people’s lives, such as a neighbor getting solar panels or the local high school promoting renewable energy to create a much bigger impact on the world.

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