How to Maintain Solar Panels

The average homeowner, after paying a small fortune for solar panels, definitely wants to keep them in good working order for many years to come. One way this can be accomplished is by maintaining the solar panels on a regular basis to ensure they remain efficient and effective. While maintaining solar panels may sound like a difficult task, solar panels actually require little maintenance, unlike the average generator. Solar panels don’t have moving components, so homeowners don’t have to worry about moving parts rusting or breaking down.

Cleaning the Solar Panels

One way a homeowner can maintain solar panels is by cleaning them on a regular basis. If one lives in an especially dusty area, it is recommended that the homeowner inspects and cleans the solar panels on a regular basis. Things like dirt, debris, bird droppings, and grime will reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. Therefore, homeowners should clean the solar panels on a regular basis to ensure accumulations don’t occur. If there are coats of dust on the solar panels, homeowners can clean it off easily by using a garden hose. In some cases, a garden hose may not do a proper job of cleaning your solar panels. For a more thorough cleaning use a long pole with a sponge of soapy water and rinse. Unfortunately, the solar panels may either be too high to reach or in an area that is dangerous to access yourself. In these cases, hire a professional to help maintain your solar panels.

Install a Monitoring System

Another way in which one can maintain solar panels is by installing a monitoring system. Usually, one will have to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring system, but the money one pays for the monitoring system will be well-spent because they won’t have to worry about the solar panels becoming unusable due to lack of maintenance. A monitoring system will track the performance of the solar panels. If one notices the performance of the solar panel system going down, this will be an indicator that the system needs some maintenance of some sort. The monitoring system will indicate which parts of the solar panels need maintenance or repair. The monitoring system will keep track of how much energy is produced by the solar panels. It will also show how a homeowner is benefiting the environment by using solar panels. For example, it will show how much CO2 emissions have decreased. These statistics can help homeowners file tax returns so that she can receive tax benefits. Best of all, one will be able to see all this information remotely from within home via the Internet or on a wall-mounted display. As one can see, maintaining a solar panel system doesn’t have to be an incredibly difficult task. Just clean the solar panels on a regular basis and have a monitoring system installed, and the solar panel system should remain in good condition for many years to come.

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