Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels & The Facts

In recent years, there has been a major push to increase our production of solar power.  It is touted as the cleanest and most constant source of power. But there has been some backlash based on a series of myths.   Below we will identify some of the most common misconceptions, dispute them and share some fun facts about solar power. Myth #1.  Solar panels in residential areas are too expensive. Not true, in fact most states offer Solar tax credits and incentives making these systems very affordable to install and maintain.  Leaving you with little dependency of getting your energy from the grid.   In some cases, solar panels may even eliminate your energy bill, saving you even more money. Myth #2.  It does not work on cloudy days. The truth?  On cloudy days the panels just absorb less energy than it normally would,  which is why you need a storage cell. This is where the energy you collect and do not use can be easily stored for when you need it. Myth #3.  It is an inefficient source of energy.  This is just false. Solar energy is very efficient, in fact it is self-sufficient.  As long as the sun continues to shine there is power to be produced.

Not convinced solar energy is for you?  Take a look at some of these mind-blowing facts.

Fun Fact #1- Did you know that by installing solar panels in your Colorado home can lower  water bills by more than 50% each year in a home. Fun Fact #2- According to the Department of Energy, over the last 30 years the price of photovoltaic solar panels has dropped 200% . Fun Fact #3-  Solar power offers a sense of control and reliable source of energy.  In many cases, conditions around the world are optimum for solar power and could protect people from losing power. Fun Fact #4-  According to a study done by the United States Department Of Energy, installing solar panels on the roofs for California’s city and county buildings could result in the generation of  200 megawatts of clean energy. In fact, if California installed solar panels on every commercial and industrial roof, it could produce enough electricity needed to power the entire state . Fun Fact #5- Today, Germany is the only country that is making the best use of solar energy.  Despite the climate, Germany has made great strides in the realm of solar energy. Fun Fact #6- Did you know that you only need about 8 minutes of solar energy to travel from the sun to the earth. For more information on how Golden Solar can help you achieve energy independence, contact us today!

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