Despite energy efficiency ups-and-downs, solar remains consistent leader in value

With the recent surge in solar and wind energy usage across the nation, we often forget to highlight the importance of everyday, small upgrades that anyone can make that will help make your property more energy-efficient and decrease your utility costs. According to Triple Pundit, the nationwide investment into energy efficiency projects peaked at approximately $2 billion in 1992, and now resides at around $1.2 billion. Part of the problem is that savings are not consistent state-to-state. As a result, it is hard to say what the best practices for energy efficiency are across the board, while solar panels and wind turbines that are properly installed in high-impact locations tend to be consistent on savings yielded. Another major impediment when it comes to implementing energy efficiency on a wider scale is finding the financing for incentive programs. Allowing homeowners to borrow money from states using loans for clean energy investments requires significant funding that many municipalities cannot maintain, especially in an economic downturn. But some industry professionals say that the energy efficiency trend is going to be making a comeback, and soon. Most attribute this expectation because of an increase in awareness at a corporate level. Businesses are being more conscious of their energy decisions, which makes their employees more savvy. They then carry that over into their own homes and lives. Even with a resurgence in energy efficiency popularity, the fluctuation of savings is so great that many homeowners are still opting for solar or wind as they are consistently reliable in reducing utility costs. If you are interested in reaping these benefits for yourself with Colorado solar leases, contact Golden Solar today!

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