Advent of new solar technology helps Colorado remain industry leader

With the growth and development in the popularity of alternative power sources like wind and solar energy, many utilities have been looking for ways to expand their offerings to more of the consumer market. Colorado, which has long been an innovative state for the creation, implementation and use of solar energy, is also leading the charge in this venture as developers in the area have discovered a way that would make integration of solar technology into new buildings even easier. Many contractors have been including solar electric panels into new buildings already, as they save homeowners measurable costs on utility expenses. Builders, in conjunction with the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA), like to design with solar technology from the start of construction as they know it will save homeowners on power costs as well as prove their commitment to reducing energy use. Now, there is another form of solar technology that can be used in addition to solar paneling. Solar shingles are incorporated with the roofing of new construction homes to lower carbon footprint and increase energy savings. In test homes, it has been shown that some are actually receiving checks back from utilities because the shingles generate so much energy. With these shingles on part of your roof, as a homeowner, you are then free to incorporate solar panels on the section that is shingled with regular tiles, or to install a display on the lawn near your house. In a statement to Proud Green Home (PGH), State Rep. Dominick Moreno said that leading the solar industry is good for Colorado as a whole. “In Adams County and across the state, we need to make it easier for rooftop solar to thrive,” he told PGH. If you are interested in being a part of the solar revolution, contact Golden Solar for a free, on-site consultation.

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