All About Solar Power: Clean Renewable Energy

Solar power renewable energySolar power is a renewable source of energy that can meet the electricity needs for homes and businesses across the country.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Unlike non-renewable sources of energy like oil, gas and coal, solar power is both sustainable and something that we can rely on for generations to come. Installing solar panels on your home could save you potentially hundreds of dollars on your electric bills every month. Follow this link to advantage of local tax credits and rebates in your state. In some states you can even sell the thermal energy harnessed by solar panels installed on your home back to electricity companies. You might be able to completely meet your home’s electricity needs month-to-month and return “excess generation” to your local grid for credit.

Types of Solar Power

Aside from being renewable and sustainable, solar power is far cleaner than non-renewable energy sources like coal. Not only that – solar power can be harnessed by everyday Americans as well as small businesses nationwide. Solar power is a sustainable source of energy, and the technology behind this perennial energy source is continually getting better. Solar power comes in three flavors:
  1. Photovoltaic panels
  2. Concentrating solar power
  3. Heating/cooling systems
Photovoltaic Harnessing solar power from photovoltaic is probably the form of solar power that most people are already familiar with. Photovoltaic has received a ton of research money over the years and continues to improve. So, why is so much research and innovation going into better photovoltaic? Because photovoltaic panels so efficiently convert light into electricity. Concentrating Solar Power Concentrating solar power provides usable electricity by taking a slightly different route – concentrating solar power works by harnessing the sun’s thermal energy to power large electric turbines and supply electricity to millions of Americans. Because the energy harnessed from concentrating solar power can be stored for a rainy day, so to speak, you shouldn’t have to worry about shortages. To that point, thousands of megawatts of concentrating solar power plants are online in the United States today, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Heating/cooling systems Heating/cooling solar technology systems might be the unsung hero of the solar energy triumvirate of photovoltaics, concentrating solar power and heating/cooling systems. Having said said, heating/cooling solar systems have an essential job to play since they take in thermal energy from the sun to provide electricity that goes towards air conditioning in homes and offices. Heating/cooling systems also can provide hot water where it’s needed.

Solar Power and Climate Change

Solar power has none of the environmental dangers of, for instance, coal and solar power provides all of the energy security 100% domestically. Solar power is definitely the energy of the future in terms of sustainability and even economics – solar power promotes energy independence and creates nearly three times the jobs of natural gas. Taking into account the fact that solar power can now be stored, we can expect solar power’s benefits to be there rain or shine while meeting tomorrow’s energy needs.

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