Could solar roadways be America’s future power source?

Big ideas are always quick to get critics. NASA surely had their fair share when they proposed putting a man on the moon. The idea of the internet was laughed at when it was first presented as a concept. Steve Jobs had a following of non-believers when he suggested a personal computer that would change the way we view information and technology. So it’s really not surprising that the solar roads pitch is getting its cut of the criticism too. Born from the brain of Scott Brusaw, the idea of solar roads would essentially convert the nation’s highway system into America’s greatest source of renewable energy. Brusaw, along with his company Solar Roadways, is suggesting to lay solar panels below a thick, yet translucent sheet of glass as a substitute for pavement. This system, Brusaw says, could create three times as much energy as the United States uses in one year. In addition to the energy generating aspects that solar roadways would allow, replacing all existing roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. with this technology could also decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent. Critics suggest that solar panels under roadways would be hard to maintain and not supportive of the weight of a vehicle. But Brusaw points out that many companies are already developing glass that is stronger and more efficient than ever before. He suggests that the combination of a number of new technologies makes solar roadways more than possible. Before long, the nation will be looking for even more ways of incorporating solar technology into our energy system. So why not get ahead of the curve? If you are interested in pursuing solar energy in Colorado, contact Golden Solar. Our trained staff of professionals will help you to power your home with your own solar electric panels!

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