“Solar Connect” a game changer for Colorado energy

There has been tons of buzz lately about the future of Colorado solar energy, and it looks like Xcel Energy has a plan to bring even more solar energy resources to the area’s residents. Earlier this month,  the utility company applied to the Public Utilities Commission for approval of its new voluntary program called “Solar Connect.” The initiative, which adopts the same idea as Xcel’s Windsource program, would allow consumers to buy short-term subscriptions to solar energy without purchasing their own panels for installation. The remotely located panels would then power subscriber’s homes, reducing energy costs across the board. This form of remote solar energy is intriguing to many Colorado residents, and will certainly cause a boom in the solar industry.”Solar Connect” is an idea in solar power that is separate from solar arrays installed on individual homes. The program will be a localized step towards expansion of the industry as a whole and the accessibility of solar electric panels to the public. According to figureheads within the industry, this program is a positive step towards a green future, but it just scratches the surface of what solar energy is capable of doing for the nation. Many industry leaders are hopeful that the development of solar energy will cause a growth of the job market for workers across the country. To become involved in the growth of solar energy yourself, call Golden Solar. With our solar electric panels, customers will be able to reduce their electric bill and save energy. Our staff of professionals are available for free on-site consults, as well to give advice on the placement and design of your panels. Give us a call to learn more!

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