3 ways to improve home energy-efficiency

Summer is the perfect time for home improvements and renovations. But rather than going for aesthetic improvements, many homeowners are opting for projects that will improve home energy-efficiency and lessen their utility bills.

Here are a few ideas for household alterations that you can employ for increased home energy efficiency:

  • Bulbs – A super simple and small part of home improvement is switching from conventional to LED light bulbs. This is also a relatively inexpensive switch to make, as most LED bulbs cost less than $10, and last longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.
  • Energy Audit – First thing is first when it comes to energy efficiency: You need to know which parts of your home need improvement. With a home energy audit, a professional will conduct an inspection of windows, doors, insulation and heating and cooling systems so you know which parts of your home are not generating or storing energy effectively.
  • Windows – Properly installed, double-paned windows will help you to retain a comfortable temperature in your home. According to Wall St. Cheat Sheet, “Many homes have single-pane windows, which don’t effectively protect against extreme weather conditions. This causes the house to flux in temperature and air to leak out.”
As always, one of the most effective ways of lowering your utility bill and increasing your home’s efficiency is by installing solar panels on or near your home. If you are interested in solar energy in Colorado, contact Golden Solar. Our trained professionals are available for a free on-site consultation, and will help you design, plan and install your panels.

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