Fort Collins Aims to Sustain with Solar

With a governmental push from the U.S. Department of Energy via their SunShot Initiative to create cost-competitive solar energy for consumers across the country, the nation as a whole is moving towards innovative forms of sustainable energy. As a result, many cities and towns are taking it upon themselves to push for change at a local level. In Colorado, eco-conscious areas like Denver, Boulder and Jefferson counties have already created their own community-owned solar programs. According to a press release issued on May 14 by the Clean Energy Collective (CEC), another Colorado hub, Fort Collins, announced that it would be following suit. As a part of an initiative to measurably decrease the community’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80  percent by 2030, Fort Collins Utilities will partner with the Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to run its program. Clean Energy Collective is a Colorado-based solar developer that plans to build a 333 kW commercial-grade solar PV array within its territory. This construction and partnership will enable solar ownership for any of Fort Collins’ roughly 65,000 residential consumers. Participants in the Fort Collins program will purchase remotely located panels through Fort Collins Utilities. In doing so, they will receive the same incentives and rebates associated with converting to solar energy, just as they would if the panels were on their own roof. Any power that their purchased panel(s) generate will be directly credited to their utility bills through the CEC’s RemoteMeterâ„¢. With affordable upfront cost and long-term savings, going solar in Fort Collins will be more than possible by the end of this year. Even if you aren’t established in Fort Collins, you can still reap the benefits of going solar in your own home! If you are interested in learning more about this technology and how to convert your home to solar energy, contact Golden Solar today. Our experienced staff of specialists offer free on-site consultations, as well as design and installation!

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