New German Software Makes Solar Energy Attainable

Valentin Software, a Berlin, Germany-based company, announced its plans to release a new, updated solar plant simulation software for users at solar power plants. The company’s new program, called PV*SOL premium,  provides users with an easy-to-use interface where they can visualize the plan and design for solar power plants in greater detail than before. This innovative, fresh software will replace its predecessors that offer a similar service in less detail. According to a press release from Valentin Software, the new program will be presented to the international solar energy community at Intersolar Europe, the world’s largest solar trade fair held at the beginning of June. The presentation will highlight the software’s updates and key features. At the core of all Valentin Software programs is the ability to calculate the the amount of shade that panels would receive in certain locations on a home. PV*SOL premium is able to evaluate ideal location for panels in any given space, as well as how different placement would affect the amount of energy generated by the panels. Two of the prominent updates from previous programs are that PV*SOL premium accounts for its own use of energy, and updates load profiles of each panel in any increment of time. These updates make the software more intuitive for users, and efficient and effective at powering any residential, commercial and industrial locations. While software like this will make large-scale projects in the solar panel industry much more manageable, it isn’t necessary for turning your house into a sustainable home. Our trained staff of experts at Golden Solar can help you understand the advancements of this industry, and plan, design and install solar electric panels for you! Contact Golden Solar for your free consultation with one of our representatives!

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