Myths Behind Solar Power and How They Save The Environment

With climate change comes the need for the world to switch from traditional sources of power. One of the most eco-friendly alternatives is solar power. This is all about harnessing the power of the sun which is then converted into energy. The world is need of solar power because of it’s sustainability. Solar power is renewable, meaning that we cannot exhaust it. It saves you money since it comes free of charge and also gives you peace of mind due to it’s reliability. In addition to this, solar energy reduces global warming since it does not emit the much loathed gases that destroy ozone layer. There is a great need for consumers to make a switch to solar power for residential and commercial premises, but there are some common myths that have kept many consumers away.
  1. Solar Panels are Costly: It is common for consumers in general to wait for prices to drop’ on any product in the market. While value for money cannot be trivialized, it is time to think of how much one can save from installing solar panels in the near future. You will be able to reduce your power bills by a good percentage while the panels, with proper care, can last for years.
  2. You still have to pay a power bill regardless: When opting for solar panels as a means of power for residences or businesses, they are connected to the power grid. For the units generated through solar power that are excess at the end of the day, the grid uses the net metering system to credit the consumer’s power account with these units. When the solar panels have not generated enough power, the credit accumulated is what the customer gets to consume. Therefore, in essence, the consumer’s power bill lowers over time.
  3. Solar Power causes property value depreciation: Many people believe that installing solar panels can cause the property value to depreciate. This is because they do not consider them stylish or beautiful enough on any real estate property. Because developers have understood the value of solar energy, they have opted to install uniform panels on their properties that do not take away from the design. In addition, there are various designs in the market that can suit any property’s aesthetic.
  4. You live in a cool climate area, so you do not need solar panels: It has been assumed for the longest time that without constant sunshine, solar panels will not work. In actual fact, all they need is ambient light to function. What happens instead is slight percentage changes in power production from region to region.
The importance of solar energy is the positive impact it has on the environment. A basic 3KW solar panel system in place for over 30 years can save on about 178 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is the same as planting over 6,000 trees or taking 150 cars off the road. Panels come with a lifetime warranty which means there is no need to worry about maintenance and repairs. In fact, the budget spent on solar energy is considered one off’ which means there are rarely any recurring costs. Therefore, when looking for a power source that is friendly to the environment, saves on carbon emissions, is dependable at all times and offers financial savings, then solar panels are well worth it. Good solar panel providers will offer payment plans or financing options to ensure that the customer can afford the system by any means necessary.

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